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Official review: Arctic Zero low calorie frozen desserts

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Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts


I am very into natural living and all things great health, so when it comes to a company that is non GMO (genetically modified organism) free and provides products that are low calorie and seemingly healthy for you, I jump at the chance to give THEM a chance. Recently, I came across a company called Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts, they provide low calorie frozen desserts, that are a lot like ice cream, that are supposed to be very nutritious. Quoting the company, "Many describe it as a “super dessert” - a product that provides top nutrition, posses health benefits, has no drawbacks, and appeals to just about everyone."

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This is my official review of the company's products. I tried several different types including: Vanilla Maple, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, coffee, cookies and cream, mint chocolate and strawberry. Right off the top I found my favorite, it was the vanilla maple flavor. I can tell you I would love to eat this flavor from them anytime! It was very good. All around, I give this flavor 5 stars. Although this flavor was low calorie I could not personally tell, it tasted like a great tasting ice cream, although not an ice cream at all, but a frozen low calorie dessert.

The vanilla flavor really stood out and the maple was not overpowering and stood out as well, it seemed like a very well proportionate mix. When it comes to the chocolate, it tasted as one might expect, like chocolate ice cream without the low calorie taste, this one I give 5 stars. However, with the good always comes the bad, or in this case, good- but not AS good. So I give the mint chocolate and chocolate peanut butter 3 stars each because, the chocolate in both these flavors tasted more like a very dark style chocolate, for some that would be ok. I am not a dark chocolate lover and expected these two mixes to taste more like milk chocolate and the peanut butter chocolate to taste more like a peanut butter cup mix.

For the coffee flavor, you should be a coffee lover, but it tasted pretty good and seemed to do well at covering the fact that is only 150 calories, so I feel 4 stars is in order. However, the strawberry, I will not want to ever try again. At 1 star I am being nice, the strawberry flavor that this dessert imparts tastes very fake. In fact, I could not get my teen daughter to even finish it. Although, most of what I tried was pretty good and better than what most would expect from a low calorie frozen dessert, the company just does not have what it takes to bump my favorite, name withheld, from the number one position.

I do give 5 stars for their stance on non GMO. In today's poisoned world, non GMO is where your health is at and any time you can find non GMO desserts, it is a plus. If you are looking for a better tasting frozen dessert, I do suggest you try Arctic Zero as they are worth your effort to eat healthier.