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"Odd Thomas" Review

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Odd Thomas


One of the strengths of the “Star Trek” franchise reboot is that the primary members of the crew had a chance to shine in a way that the viewer would be compelled to follow future roles away from the Enterprise. Although best known as Lt. Chekov (and of course, Clumsy Smurf), Anton Yelchin steps off the bridge to steer his own film in the Dean Koontz adapted “Odd Thomas” directed by Stephen Sommers.

Odd Thomas is his name and ghostbustin’…well, ghost helping is his name. When murdered victims show up on his doorstep, dreams or place of work, this fry cook uses his wits, charm and his fists to bring the killer to justice. Slithering, shapechanging wraiths called bodachs (who sniff out tragedy) slowly invade T

Aiding him is his girlfriend Stormy (Addison Timlin) a girlfriend who is so adorable that when she spits out a line like “You know why I call you Pooh Bear? Because your head is full of stuffin’,” that she pretty much has won you over, but she’s promised to Odd, lucky fella. There’s also police chief Wyatt Porter (Willem DaFoe), who has complete faith in Odd’s abilities and keeps them hidden from the general populace.

“Odd Thomas” does a very difficult juggling act, luckily they’ve got an excellent writer/director in Stephen Sommers who helmed the Mummy franchise (remember those). He mixes the scary elements of ghosts and near zombies with a cute couple who can’t help but to bring a bit of noir mixed with Scooby Doo.

Although the constant voiceover can be annoying to some, the film’s biggest flaw is in it’s timing. Late February can be a bit of a movie wasteland. Two years of legal disputes kept this film on the shelf, which is too bad. It’s limited release may escape many, but fear not, it’ll soon be available on DVD.

"Odd Thomas" MPAA Rated: Unrated. Running time: 96 minutes. In limited release. Available on DVD: March 25.

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