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'Odd Thomas' makes for a solid TV series launch, instead it's actually a movie

Odd Thomas


In what almost felt like the launch of a new TV series, "Odd Thomas" works as a quirky supernatural crime procedural that’s somewhat of a departure for director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy).

Death is just around the corner

In a small California desert town, a short-order cook named Odd (Anton Yelchin) has the unique ability to see the work of supernatural forces all around him. He uses these skills to bring murderers and criminals to justice, but things get serious when the darkness around the town grows exponentially, putting everything he cares about at risk.

Odd Thomas has some logic holes that you can drive a truck through, but it gets by on an exceedingly high amount of charm. Working from the bestselling novel by Dean Koontz, it’s passable horror at best, but filled with some well placed wit and charisma. Sommers keeps the narrative moving along well enough with some solid action and decent creature effects, allowing us to buy into it all because as seriously it takes itself at times it still knows that it is supposed to be an action romp and always more fun than actually scary, in spite of some pacing, logic and character development problems.

Yelchin carries the film as the acerbic and quick witted hero, and he holds his own surprisingly well managing to carry to proceedings with a balance of wit and gravitas when the situation calls for it. Addison Timlin has a great dynamic with Yelchin as Odd’s girlfriend, establishing a delightful back and forth that rope us into the overall story and she shows why she is unquestionably a star on the rise, as both these young stars have gotten the chance to run with a leading role and they both made it work very well. Sadly, Willem Dafoe is wasted in a bit role as the chief of police, and the villains never get a lot of definition to them.

Picture and sound quality on the Blu-Ray are great, but sadly there are no special features on this Blu-Ray.

It's cute and more then worth the watch but maybe if "Odd Thomas" had been fleshed out as the weekly procedural it feels like it wants to be, the genuine lack of character development in the supporting players might not have been as much of an issue.

3 out of 5 stars.

"Odd Thomas" is now available to rent on DVD, Blu-Ray and On Demand from all major providers. You can also find it for purchase from retailers like HMV, iTunes and

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