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OBVIOUS CHILD: An Apparent Hit for Jenny Slate

OBVIOUS CHILD Starring Jenny Slate
Courtesy A24 Films

Obvious Child


It appears that writer-director Gillian Robespierre aspires to deliver on the idea that: if you want to get someone’s attention, try grossing them out first.

The title sequence for Obvious Child features Jenny Slate doing an over-the-top stand up routine as comedian Donna Stern. She is brutally honest and over shares a lot of self-deprecating humor.

However, if you haven’t totally squirmed out of your seat by the first few minutes, then I encourage you to stay and see one of the funniest, romantic comedies of the year.

As the central character, Donna is orbited by love interest Max (Jake Lacy f.k.a. Pete in the final season of NBC’s The Office) best friends Nellie (Gaby Hoffmann) and Joey (Gabe Liedman, one-half of the real life Gabe & Jenny comedy duo), and parents Jacob (Richard Kind) and Nancy Stern (Polly Draper).

Like John Turturro’s character in Fading Gigolo, Donna must pack up a closing book store in New York City (an actual epidemic in Manhattan this year), but as one cardboard box closes, another opens and out pops Donna for a second chance at do-I-tell-him-I’m-pregnant-or-not with Max.

The consequences of unprotected sex sends them into an emotionally charged journey as the film tries to normalize the ultimate pro-choice option like it was a trip to the day spa.

No matter what your stance is on the issue of abortion, Robespierre intended it to be the conflict in her rising action plotline...only the climax comes first.

More about Jenny Slate
If Jon Stewart and Jennifer Grey conceived a child, who went to pre-school with Seth Rogen and had Sarah Silverman as her babysitter, that’s how I’d imagine Slate’s childhood. Instead, she grew up one of the three daughters to poet-author-father Ron Slate and graduated from Columbia University in 2004.

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