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Obsidian Curse--A Stacy Justice Mystery Book Five--by Barbra Annino

Obsidian Curse by Barbra Annino


Finally! The new Stacy Justice book is here!!

This go-round finds our reluctant witch not so reluctant any more. She has embraced her destiny. Of course, this is still Stacy so nothing comes easy!

The book takes place in the time period leading up to Samhain...or Halloween to mere mortals. It is at that time of year when the veil between worlds is at the thinnest and you can never be sure of just what will cross over from which world!

In this installment, we have a mischievious fairy with a fondness for broken pipes, a bloodthirsty demon who uses sex as a weapon, and a stranger in town who has a tie to Stacy...or does he?

As always, Barbra Annino does not disappoint. Obsidian Curse is full of incredible magic, delightful mishaps, and a love story with more twists and turns than a pretzel.

The only bad part? Waiting for Book Six!!