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Obsessed with Ms. Sandy's Custom Crochet beanie (Photos)

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Ms. Sandy's Custom Crochet Beanie


Good things do come in small packages. I received Ms. Sandy’s Custom Crochet beanie recently in the mail. It was a custom-made beanie that uses an energetic display of grey, green, yellow, and red. It arrived shortly before my trip to Oregon a few weeks ago. It could not have come at a better time because it gets chilly up there.

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Once I got off the plane, I went outside to be picked up in the arrival area. I put on the beanie, it fit well, the fabric was pleasant, and did not cause my skin to itch, which sometimes occurs when I wear other beanies. The Pan-African colors and spiral pattern were a hit! I received my share of compliments while I wore the beanie throughout my weekend vacation. I find the beanie stylish, comfortable and perfect for an assortment of weather. You can bet some of my lucky friends or family will be getting some gifts from Ms. Sandy’s Custom Crochet in the near future.

Also, each item is made with the person in mind so they fit just that person, which I appreciate. Each item is also “made with love.” Literally there is an ultra-cute heart shaped charm that says made with love! Who can resist creative and hospitable personalization? I can’t.

Ms. Sandy has been crocheting for over 40 years. The skill was learned way back when she was in seventh grade! She is the ‘Crochet Queen’ in my book and she specializes in hats, scarves, fingerless mittens, slippers, blankets and stuffed toys. Ms. Sandy’s creations are limitless; she produces crocheting specialty items too! From a “bearded hat” to masks for bikers, Ms. Sandy’s Custom Crochet is the one-stop-shop for crochet gifts and more.

If you’re interested in supporting a California designer and business, order your very own custom creation or purchase a creation for a friend/relative.

To place an order, email Ms. Sandy at Be on the lookout for her website where you’ll have the opportunity to navigate her designs.

***Prices vary depending on the yarn and style, colors, etc., however prices are VERY reasonable

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