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Obama's War on christians

an article in


The following quotes are from an article titled “Obama’s War on Christians” in

““Ronald Reagan wisely said "if we ever forget we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under." Well that day is far closer than we could ever imagine. After our country made the disastrous decision to elect President Obama, our President quickly distanced himself from the Judeo-Christian foundation of our society.

Did you know Military chaplains are no longer able to pray in the name of Jesus? Obama omits references to the Lord in traditional speeches, briefly banned bibles at Walter Reed Medical Center and Christian prayers at a national cemetery all while calling the Muslim call to prayer as "one of the prettiest sounds on earth."”

Many people do not remember that Obama’s mother was an atheist.

Obama’s stepfather was a communist.

There is evidence that Obama was raised as a Muslim.

Obama is not the only liberal Democrat who resents Christianity. Liberal policies fly in the face of many Christian beliefs such as the sanctity of life. The 10 commandment may no longer be displayed in public places. Liberals have been successful in preventing Christmas carols from being played in public places as well as preventing Christians from praying in public places while Muslims are allowed to block off streets in New York City in order to pray in public.

How is this happening in a nation that is predominately Christian? Electing Barack Obama and his fellow democrats is how.

Ted Kennedy was ostensibly a catholic but he lived like a heathen and he never publicly supported his religion.

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