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"Obama: Love Him, Hate Him, You Don't Know Him"

Our own president does honor a constitution where everyone is provided for.


By Julie D. Griffin

The dream of the man, President Obama and despite difficult economic times, just like during the great depression, the president who before him got stuck with all of the blame, while the one who carried them out and truly carried had to bite the bullet. ~
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

"Your father is dead." And even as Obama went to Kenya to confront the ghost of his own father, the negative media that debunked him performed atrocities of which they obviously did not know. And just like every other president before him, these well things will be written about him for years after he retires from political office. The book based on the film brings you to both love and respect the man and his wife as real home town people who rose to a position of responsibility which by all appearance, it proves that Michelle and Barack Obama have tried to exercise the office of the presidency to the best of both of their ability. And despite the kind of reverse politicism which many operated as a way of as even what one man interviewed with during the film documentary at hand, named a truism, to turn many against our own president is not just un-American, it is wrong and not conducive to the best means for our country. As you watch the film every good thing that Barack and Michelle Obama had tried to formulate even during these short years alone, a positive that just as Obama has tried to exert all along, the present president of this United States only wants to make a society where everyone embraces prosperity, and at whatever level abundance defined means to each individual person ~ If I do not hold your race against me, I will not hold your race against you. "A well-mannered young black man who did not seem angry all of the time," according to even his own school teachers. A refreshing venue. And while Obama not just or the typical black man, of course just as a well-versed and intelligent female attorney Hillary Clinton noted, the heavens would open to forgive the white man who held back the black man, and even for all of the other years, the encaged abused woman alike, who even the white single mother of the president of our very own country, what history to taste and to note for such a great and wondrous time as this, it is a great prayer that not a one would take any of this for granted. And would live to tell the tale alive, and beyond Twelve Years A Slave. The stunning accomplishment of America to finally elect a black president, let alone one that is at times more competent than any other president ever alive before, also requires us a means of even the most mere principle to welcome each worthy woman who elects to run for office. Pastor Jeremiah Wright who helped Obama, his very own spiritial leader who married the president and his wife and baptised the children of our proficient president, actually held a greater and more perfect conscienable Christian belief system than the majority of traditional fundamentalist Christians. Colonialism although a difficult political position for even a light schizophrenia to understand, the president as a man of conscience seems against the golden calf, and for those who occupy against the traditional and obvious Wallstreet corruption. The evidence for President Obama as a good president clear, the man seems to be a person who really cares about the power of America as a country.

Of course, the U.S. of America a melting pot of nations always, Irish, African, Chinese, Iranian, Egyptian and even Jewish, despite his very own single white mother, the direct relative of Obama even seemed to somehow sense and not that even though she had brought up her son as an easygoing and jolly fellow, knew of her son as a delicate man in that he has a big heart, and like most leader personalities who really do care and who really do want the best outcome for everyone, as one of an intersection of a more balanced political reign. But before one judges what President Obama leads America toward, picture first the stress and the major world decisions which rest on the shoulders of our leader. Would that even one of you put yourself in the shoes of the man or his wife Michelle for even one week, imagine the pressure. Most would take their own lives within twenty-four hours. And would the truth be known, Obama did not cause the world debt, he only wants to alleviate, and also as the documentary film here explicates, the man himself does desire and it is clear through the transparency of the wife of the man and himself that he wants each and every one of us to know our needs met, to be able to create at the level at which we were born gifted for, and to carry a dream of a better future for our world to the helm of 2016.

The documentary clearly exhibits that, the future rests upon the heart and hands of each person to do wrong, or to do that which they clearly know as non-political and as the private conscience dictates as that which is right. One of the most enamorative documentaries of intrigue for a time of now, the film about the truth about our good president and of all the good he wants to do illuminates so much more about the man and his ideals and our country than what was once heretofore known. The film clears up a lot of propaganda and talk that go around about the nature of a person. And even as ours is an internet society, at times it is hard to know what to believe. However, most of us have experienced as have President and Michelle Obama life at life's own terms whether through sanity or insanity, it does not matter. We know when someone who is leading has a heart that is really sincere and really cares about us to meet a positive change. The documentary here which does present the truth and the pros and cons clearly shows us that our president today, despite the greater obstacles he has faced to get positive change made really does care about the American people, really does care along with his wife about individual people, as the couple grew up even as experienced individuals as common people, want the common man to know sustenance and success. Illuminating. A recommended watch.