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O2 Hurricane Canless Rechargeable Air Duster

The O2 Hurricane comes with the charger 2 air tubes
The O2 Hurricane comes with the charger 2 air tubes
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O2 Hurricane Canless Air


I'm a technology nerd - there, I said it! My car is messy, my nightstand is cluttered, but every one of my gadgets is dust-free and clear of smudges and fingerprints. Some might call it OCD, but I just like my gadgets looking brand new. Part of my routine used to include buying a new can of air duster / canned air several times a month, and at an average of $5 a can, it really got expensive. A few weeks ago I heard about a new product, the O2 Hurricane Canless Air, which claims to be a rechargeable, environmentally-friendly, and long-lasting alternative to traditional canned air. This immediately piqued my interest and I knew I had to give one a try.

From the O2 Hurricane website, it states that the standard model can blow air at over 150MPH and the industrial model blows at 200MPH. In addition to the obvious benefits of a rechargeable canned air alternative, the website lists the following perks:

  • No chemicals or greenhouse gases
  • No fear of inhalant abuse
  • Continuous use for over 18 minutes
  • Can be used at ANY angle (this one was big for me)
  • No chemical residue while cleaning your stuff

When I received my O2 Hurricane, I immediately put it to the test. First I dusted my phone and was very pleased with the results. Then I cleaned my computer, and this is where I noticed a big difference and advantage. I could move the O2 Hurricane in any direction or angle without getting the freeze effect or chemical residue. Usually when I clean the inside of my computer, I end up panicking when the frozen white residue ends up on one of the internal components OR I get stuck waiting for it to unfreeze so I can continue. I had none of these problems with the O2. For electronics and technology products, I was definitely a O2 Hurricane fan.

After reading through the manufacturers website, I became curious about other uses for rechargeable canless air - with traditional air dusters, I never would have thought to use them for household tasks due to the cost, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the O2 Hurricane performed. I found it most useful dusting items with intricate cracks/crevices, and areas that a traditional dust rag wouldn't easily reach.

So are there any negatives? Well, for one, the initial price seems high at $79.95, but if you occasionally buy canned air, it will definitely pay for itself. It also is really loud and doesn't have quite as much air pressure as traditional canned air. There were a few situations where I had to go over an item 2 or 3 times to get all of the dust out, but thanks to the 18 minutes of continuous air flow, it wasn't really a problem. If it were a tad bit stronger or a little less expensive, it'd easily get 5 stars, but for now I'm rating it 4.5.

After using the O2 Hurricane for a weekend, I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive, permanent, and environmentally friendly alternative to canned air. For technology and gadget fans that like keeping their items looking brand new, it is a great addition to your arsenal. Head over the manufacturer site or Amazon to buy today!


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