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NYMTF 'Cloned' proves pure entertainment sells tickets

Sometimes life changing theatre is just pure entertaining!  Theatre Chat.
Sometimes life changing theatre is just pure entertaining! Theatre Chat.

Cloned at NYMTF


Broadway Global and USA Theatre Chat share the extended hit NYMTF show that has arts lovers on waiting list. So many successful shows from The New York Musical Theatre Festival like Next To Normal, Rent.. are shows that had a deep message or could be seen as educational on subjects of bi polar, depression, AIDS... This year a musical that has extended shows and musical theatre lovers on waiting list is just pure entertaining!

Much credit to Cloned! goes to the dynamic music. Each song tells a story and takes the characters on a journey. The two of a kind musical really is a one of a kind, there is nothing like it. Cloned! could be the next big hit on Broadway or at your regional theatre soon. The basic story is this, Wally Waterman is on the verge of inventing the teleporter. But weird science gets weirder when Wally accidentally clones himself. Is NYC big enough for two giant, identical egos? It'll take nothing short of a movie star, international espionage, and a few pigeons to find out. Featuring a gleefully breezy score, Cloned! is door-slamming, yodel-happy, bird-squawking fun! This is the description on NYMTF and it's truthful!

The clever book is by Jacey Powers and Dan Wolpow, the modern melodic music by Adam Spiegel, with lyrics by Dan Wolpow. Credit for additional Story by Adam Spiegel. Director Tom Wojtunik gets around of applause for creating entertaining staging, while Ryan Kasprzak choreography is perfect for these talents. Musical Director Julianne Merrill had the hardest job making everyone's talents shine, Scenic Design by Jason Simms was perfect as well as Costume Design by Amanda Shafran. Can't imagine what the budget was, but this Cloned! production team has done its' job and then some.

Hats off to Lindsay Levine (Casting Director). The casting is essential to its success, almost perfect. Not pitch perfect, if one was to be really picky, some of the voices are not strong enough for leads, but each fits the characters so well that it won't disappoint the out come of this musical comedy. Standouts are Crystal Kellogg as Sharon Stone, David Andino who is loved by the audience playing Tramell the Pigeon, and the hit is pot smoking comedian actor Matthew Knowland (Fizz).

The two that must look a like and sound like each other are Alex Goley (Wally), Eric Mann (Clone Wally) in that respect casting was dead on! The supporting characters are some what type cast, Melanie Beck (Izzy), John Alban Coughlan (Dr. Marshall), Tony Romero (Mr. Choi) and Babs Winn (Evelyn). The daily breakdown on the official NYMTF website is the easiest way to find your favorite shows and choices. Cloned! is just one of our favorites.

"After a visit to a favorite regional theatre, just seeing Mid Life 2! the crisis continues.. trying to parlay the success of Mid Life Crisis, Cloned would be a great choice in a theatre season subscription. It has a small cast, clever script, with wonderful music. Theatre patrons are sure to leave on a happy note. Sometimes life changing theatre has no deep message, just pure entertaining!" Theatre Chat. Realize there are only about 40 Broadway theatres to produce that show you are writing now. Most producers are choosing a safe investment with movies now turned into Broadway shows, just because they did well at the movie box office.

Broadway Global and Theatre Chat must give credit to the NYMTF, hailed as “the Sundance of Musical Theatre,” a flagship program. Widely regarded as the essential source for new material and talent discovery, the New York Musical Theatre Festival takes over midtown Manhattan for three weeks each summer with a slate of productions, concerts, readings, workshops, seminars and other special events. In its last ten years, the festival premiered over 350 new musicals, many of which have gone on to award-winning productions on Broadway, off-Broadway, at regional theatres and on tour, in 40 states and 16 countries worldwide. Broadway Global salutes the efforts of all the cast, crews, and production teams for the NYMTF, ( get your tickets now, time is running out.

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