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Nurses Ball 2014

Ned Ashton
Ned Ashton

General Hospital's Nurses Ball


The ‘Nurses Ball’ 2014. So much promise, so little gained Cartini has tried to revive one of the most memorable times in GH’s glory days, but they could not reach that high.

First of all there are only 3 nurses in General Hospital. Elizabeth who is used for background only, Felix who has no obvious talent, so all is left to Epiphany who brought it home beautifully. No Doctors were there except for the hated Ulbrecht who made me shudder, so I think many viewers felt the same way. You cannot expect people to want to see this monster as a performer. Kathleen Gati is talented, but Dr. Achtung is despised.

Talent was a keyword in the glory days, but now it is unknowns dancing around and singing. Who is Eddie Gomez? Who sang with Emma? Ridiculous that the actors on GH were not used instead.

Ned Ashton is always great as Eddie Maine, still as sexy as ever also. Kiki and the cast were good in Raise Your Glass and Fluke sang well. Magic Milo and his wands were a little too lame for my taste, Sorry guys just flexing muscles is not entertainment. Emma was sweet and Cameron and Spencer were cute, though Spencer pulling strings was a little bit much. On the other hand it brought “Player” to the show and any plot that brings Ronn Moss back to soaps is okay with me. Lulu. Maxie, Molly, Sam and Kiki were so so. Sam really was struggling to look like a professional dancer.

Bringing back beloved characters is wise only if you write for them. Bobbie is in and out of scenes where she has no effect. "Calling Nurse Spencer". Ned is here for a short time, instead he could run ELQ with Michael and keep Flukes hands out of the til.

Bring back characters who can still fit in this cast of fill ins. Where are the real Port Charles residents? Where are Jax with his daughter Josslyn? Brenda, Barrett, Skye Quartermaine? Doctors? For mercy sake the only doctors ar Patrick, Britt and thankfully Kevin Collins. This is a hospital? More like a Quick aide mart. Lucy Coe has fit in because she is connected to many residents. Kevin also and Scott Baldwin finally has some airtime other than when he is losing court cases.The three will bring drama and much discussion on who belongs with who. Helena, Stavros and Stefan Cassidine should come back. Gretchen and Madelaine can go, neither has the oomph needed to bring PC to it's knees.

The newbies can go, it may be cheaper than bringing the great actors back to PC, but in the long run who is going to remember Felix or Brad or even Sabrina. Even though I hate to say it Franco also, who is not important to GH in any way except to warm Carly’s bed and you can use a stand in for that. They are not the stuff of legends and GH has had many. bring some back and keep the legendary status General Hospital deserves.

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

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