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Nulo Pet Food Is New But Definitely Not Low

Nulo Rocks!
Nulo Rocks!

Nulo Pet Food


Milton is the very most finickiest creature on four paws, or even two, for that matter. Pet food is just not his thing.

It could be because he also has wicked allergies. Before I found pet food that suited his tummy, his dog sitter referred to him as her bulimic friend. I test drove every pet food that walked the earth, crunchy and moist, giving each enough time to determine its worth. After mountains of discarded kibble and cans, I finally found pet food that he could eat without rebating---a vet-approved combination of human food plus dog nutrition powder from He likes it. But it's a pain to prepare and store.

Last week, I had a casual encounter (no, not that kind) with Brett Montana the co-founder of Austin-based Nulo pet food. I had Mr. Dog with me so he offered to send me samples.

Well, I have to tell you, Milton loved it...and I don't use that term lightly. I gave him a few of the smallish triangular kibbles and he snarfed them right down. I had every intention of transitioning him slowly as experts recommend, but he gave me that look. You know the one. So, I gave him a little more. Then, a little more. Until he'd eaten half his daily allowance of pet food and that was after he'd already eaten breakfast and long before dinner. Wow!

A couple of days later, I had house guests and picked up the pet food bag to show them. Milton, usually a very reserved and polite pup, actually jumped up on me. He doesn't even do that when I come home with a store-bought squeaking wonder that requires immediate slaughter.

But wait, that's not all.

I can feed him Nulo pet food without a flicker of guilt. These days, he's a bit long in the tooth. So Milt is eating the freestyle SENIOR trout and sweet potato recipe. With such things as trout, salmon and turkey, the site reports that the pet food has 82% animal-based protein, while reporting in the nutritional facts that it guarantees a minimum of 30% crude protein. I'm not sure how that all plays out, but either way its near...or at...the top of the pet food chain.

Milton is allergic to chicken and the ingredients include chicken fat, but Brett assured me that the fat isn't what causes the allergic reaction and, sure enough, he was right. It's also grain free and has a low glycemic index. In addition to a host of natural ingredients like yellow peas and lentils, it has other geezersnout-friendly things like omega-3s, glucosamine and patented probiotics.

Not to be left out, felines can partake too. For more info on both the dog and cat foods, visit In Austin, Nulo pet food is sold at Bark 'n' Purr, Gallery of Pets, Lofty Pets, PetSmart and Tominson's.

Listen. I think I hear your pet shouting..."What are you waiting for? Get in that big metal thing with wheels right now!"