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NudeAudio, Super M, finds a niche using Bluetooth technology

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NudeAudio Super M


No need to be bashful, or shy, with this catchy and eye-opening name. The NudeAudio, Super M, (, takes a place among an ever evolving line of Bluetooth speakers. Within trending lines, Bluetooth speakers are replacing their forefathers and mothers, those past basic headphones and stereo. The twist, for NudeAudio, involves, bringing to market, a device built to fit in your pocket. Ready to get a party started? Just take it out, turn on, let it connect, and get your grove on,

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I have a test sample; and so the actual version will have more finalized features. Clearly though, it’s a product you will appreciate. The weight and size makes it very possible to put in your pants’ pocket; the feel of portability. However, I suggest not doing so when wearing a loose pair, having slippage issues. Overall, the sound quality is effectually fantastic, whether playing music or movies. I can envision the coolness of taking it to a beach, perhaps traveling on business, some type of fun outing, using in a workout, and, while playing card/board games with others. The NudeAudio, Super M, is so extremely easy to set-up and use. Where you’re familiar with Bluetooth devices, you can indeed work this unit without instructions. As for charging time, the first time took about 2 hours, lasting a little over 7 hours. Clearly, it’s a product that’s most likeable, practical, and worthy of an investment.

After my initial review, I ventured onto the website, just to get the formalized picture. Super M is both waterproof and sand-proof. Furthermore, this is a kickstarter project, (, with a targeted aim to be fully funded by August 15, 2014. Note: they’ve received pledges, seven times over their projected goal. Accordingly, those wanting to get in on the ground floor, of a tech device, now is your opportunity. As most of whom follow me, know, my focus revolves around the economics of technology, sports (though more so women’s college basketball), and green energy; all being areas of present and/or potential growth, and simply of interest.

In essence, the story, of any product, neither begins nor ends with a review. The actuality abounds, of a framework, incorporating creativity, privacy to complete, risk taking, consumer support, and quality [encompassing good functionality and appeal], just to present a few plausible thoughts. In conclusion, make no mistake, the NudeAudio, Super M, is worthy of seriously considering.


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