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Now on Amazon Instant Video: 'The Perfect Storm'

Staring George Clooney and Mark Walhberg
Staring George Clooney and Mark Walhberg
Amazon Instant Video

The Perfect Storm


"The Perfect Storm" is now available on Amazon Instant Video. If you are looking for an opinion that gives great details about the movie this is not it. No spoilers in here. What this is about is how I came about to want to see this movie, and my opinion on why you should see it.

I have to admit, when I first heard about this movie, I was not at all interested in seeing it. I am not a die-hard George Clooney fan. Sure he's cute...but he's not for me. And the same goes for Mark Wahlberg. If you are by chance a fan of either of these two, based on their looks and not acting ability I suggest you see another movie. I hate to disappoint you, but they look very scruffy through the whole movie. There is no Hollywood glamour involved in "The Perfect Storm."

I remember the first time I saw "The Perfect Storm." In 1991 I was in my second year in High School. At that age the weather is the last thing you pay attention to. So I barely remember the three storms colliding. Nor do I remember anything about a ship getting lost at sea. But through the years, being an avid book reader, I always remember seeing the book. I always wanted to read about it. But, I never did. Then one day, here comes the movie. After seeing the previews, I was not impressed. It looked wet, wet, and even more wet. But I started seeing all these behind the scenes specials and interviews on HBO, MTV, Extra, etc. The more I learned of the story, and the more I saw how all the special effects were done, the more I was itching to go and see this movie.

So, on the day America is celebrating the independence, I was dragging my then boyfriend to see 'The Perfect Storm.' He would have rather seen "Shaft" or "Big Mamma's House." But I wanted to see for myself what this movie was going to entail.

I do not want to really talk about the movie. I don't want to give away any of the details for those left who have never seen it. We all know pretty much how it ends. The story does not revolve just around the crew of Andrea Gail, but there is also a story line about the weatherman who is a little more than excited to see The Perfect Storm develop on his radar, a few little love stories, another boat caught in the storm being rescued, and the problems the Navy had that led up the Andrea Gail not being rescued.

My advice to you, check out the behind the scene special. See how the crew really had to spend time in Massachusetts. They took the time to be in an actual swordfish boats and spend some time in the water. The director even used a storm to his advantage and filmed them on the boat in a real storm. George and Mark even took the time to know all the people in town, who had lost family on the Andrea Gail.

Some of these members are even portrayed in the movie. You can also see how they filmed the rest of the movies in the studio on a boat, in a pool with a wave machine, and in the end pieced it all together with computer images. The whole process will change your mind about this movie.

The next piece of advice I give, during those hot summer July days, this is the perfect movie to see. It will trick your mind with all that water. The perfect way to cool yourself off. Even better, cool off in the pool with the book. Now that it's on Amazon, I'll be doing just that.