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Now on Amazon Instant Video: 'The Bone Collector'

Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington star in this crime thriller.
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The Bone Collector


Now on Amazon Instant Video-"The Bone Collector" is in my opinion, not really a drama or a horror flick. Parts of it are scary. Parts have adventure, and parts have suspense. To me it is more like a suspenseful thriller. Three words to describe this type of move is a "who did it" film. Be advised, it will creep you out as you are taken in and out of this serial killer's mind. I myself did, as I know people who have seen it did, and those that will see it are bound to do.

In the beginning you will point to one character as the killer. As the movie goes on, you will have changed your mind about five times. Then, towards the end, just when you think you finally have it figured out- BANG! You are wrong! And that is what is so great about this movie. It doesn't leave you wondering, there are no dull moments. You will sit on the edge of your chair, waiting, watching, and thinking. Your mind is forever changing.

The main charter, Lincoln Rhyme (Link for short), is played by Denzel Washington. Link is the best in his field. He is known worldwide for solving the hardest murders. Serial killers are his specialty. He is smart and generally good-looking. He shares his knowledge by teaching and writing books.

One day, the worst happens. Link is paralyzed while investigating an underground crime scene, which is shown in the beginning of the movie. "The Bone Collector" allows us to become attached to Link as he comes to terms with his life as an invalid after the accident. All he can move is one finger. Could you imagine only being able to move one finger?

It is amazing to me, that the main character can be as good as an actor, so controlling, so on key with the movie, when all he does is lie in a bed, talk, and move a finger on a computer mouse. He also has a tube he can breathe into and move that allows him to do a few simple tasks. He doesn't want to live. Link feels he has no purpose. Then, a serial killer has shown its ugly face. And a new woman has shown her pretty face. Having no leads, Link has been asked to share his expertise in a murder investigation that has his colleagues on the police force baffle. One character doesn't want his help.

A well known citizen's death quickly turns into several serial murders. Each one leaving a separate and important clue. This is where the who, what, when and where the next murder will take place begins. Some are right, and some turn out to be DEAD wrong.

Angelina Jolie plays the policewoman, Amelia Donaghy, who stumbles onto the first body. This is the pretty woman. Her character really wants no part is this case, but Link pushes her. He feels she has a gift. She slowly trusts him, and becomes his body in the film. She becomes his access to the outside world.

With this partnership, each gains something. Amelia is faced with her own insecurities as she is pushed further. She is forced to see her full potential. She also begins to develop feelings for Link. First it is pity, which then turns into adoration, then to love. She in turns gives Link a reason to go on. He begins to see there still can be a fulfilling life for him.

It is a mystery, suspense, and even a love story. I found that I was waiting each minute to see what would happen next. This movie does have a few graphic parts, but there really is not too much blood and guts, nor is it as gory as one might expect. It is a long roller coaster ride to the end that will leave you hanging on and begging for more.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone. It has everything you could ask for from a movie released in 1999.

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