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November Man

When is a spy not a spy?

November Man


What did I do for Labor day? Went to the movies, of course, and spent some time at Central Park.

"November Man" is the newest release by Pierce Brosnan and it is in the format of a spy thriller, but he is not revising his role as Bond.

What can I say without giving the plot away? It is an excellent piece of work, but the man seems tired. Exhausted in fact, is this part of his characters role or is it he has experienced too many personal tragedies? It is hard to tell, but he goes the entire movie as if he is walking through a dead zone.

All of his lines are great, and his moves throughout comparable to the his first Bond movie where he was having fun and enjoying driving a tank through Russian streets, whereas now he is not having fun avoiding tanks driven by both Russians and drones powered by the CIA.

That is a hint, he is out of the game of his former boss the CIA, not a British spy. He is fighting the not against the Russians but for the ones who are being hunted down on both sides until the climatic ending when it is discovered why he got out of his business.

The girl looks a lot like Catherine Zeta Jones but a Russian beauty. Olga does quite well in her role, following unsurely at the beginning of the quest, not sure who he is to her, and then more willing as she discovers all she has known was true and real.

The constant struggle of the Mideast is brought to the fore as well as the current speculation of what caused the downfall of the Eastern Block. Was it CIA involved or were the rebels allowed to go their own way by both sides wary of the struggle of keeping hold of unwilling participants in their own war against the other?

My theater was filled with many older ones, who went to the first showing out of interest of the new movie. Many could remember the second world war my grandparents talked about while warning about who the friends and foes are in any situation.

Some might have been engaged in the events of the movie but most were an assortment of disciplined individuals who did not react to the obvious pornography which seems to have replaced the Socialist ideals against western Democracy.

A sad fate of so many of the younger women who have not much life in the modern era of no cold war to fight to offer their bodies in exchange for freedom from war torn eras. The younger crowd might have responded differently to the film, but they were off enjoying their weekend.