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Novel review: Once Upon a Time in Colombia by Benjamin Fisher

Once Upon A Time In Colombia
Benjamin Fisher



Once Upon a Time in Colombia explores another side of life. Many fail to consider taking chances because they consider the numerous odds against them and don't have the heart to take a gamble. For those who are brave the income potential on a risky business venture can be equally matched by incredible reward. The exotic nature of this novel is dramatically increased by the amazing ability of the author and adventurer Benjamin Fisher to build the suspense and excitement through his writing talent.

“We’d never seen one other before, but for some reason, people like us can sniff each other out.”

“We shook hands without saying a word, and left the Black Sheep Hostel, getting into his Mercedes.”

“My confidence changed that day. I had always been a player. I always knew I could pick up girls but for the first time in my life I felt like I could do anything.”

Once Upon a Time in Colombia speaks of Fisher's bravery and vision in taking the chance in living on the edge. Fisher exposes the reader to his personal feelings of excitement and anxiety while building a pornographic film empire in South America instead of attending college. He truly took the road less wandered. From forming business relationships in Bogota with other movie moguls to crafting deals with interested buyers Fisher learns the lessons of another culture as well as the all-encompassing facts of the business world. Some lessons are merely intellectual while others are extremely dangerous. This novel is well worth the purchase and certainly a book you won't be able to put down until it's completed.