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'Nothing Bad Can Happen' practices what it preaches

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Nothing Bad Can Happen


"Nothing Bad Can Happen", the punishing new drama that hits harder than any Horror flick, has a main character who practices what he preaches. Tore (Julius Feldmeier) is a young man who has become a zealot with the help of a so-called group of "Jesus Freaks", a punk Christian sect based on teaching divinity out of a dilapidated house in Hamburg, Germany.

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An unassuming sort, the angelic-looking Tore one day makes acquaintance with an affable family man, Benno (Sascha Gersak), when he miraculously gets his broken down vehicle to jumpstart. Benno returns the favor by assisting Tore when he has a seizure and later decides to move him into his home. That's where Tore meets and forges a friendship with Benno’s young stepdaughter Sanny (Swantje Kohlhof). However, this bond is soon tested when Tore discovers the true nature of this dysfunctional family and the head of this family is an abusive tyrant full of hatred towards any beliefs besides his own.

Tore feels that Benno is his mission, to teach him what God has to offer, like courage, sacrifice and restraint. Practicing his faith on a real sinner. However, Benno will have none of it and sets out to provoke the true believer through force, if necessary. Not to reveal too much but, ultimately the film has an uplifting or empowering tone. The tables turn, showing how the weakest has his redemption by becoming the strongest. Through this strength he gives others just as meek the will to survive and persevere.

German director Katrin Gebbe, bases her first feature on actual events. She holds it together well with honest performances, beautiful cinematography and an unwavering eye that captures the cruelty of some who can't see the spiritual side in those that have faith. So, seek out "Nothing Bad Can Happen", in theaters from Drafthouse Films. A movie that has a heavenly spirit after all, without beating you over the head by preaching to you.


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