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Norwegian Pearl packs a daily rock fest on Shiprocked

Live Performances on Shiprocked 2014


Following one impressive afternoon beach concert on Great Stirrup Cay - featuring Art of Dying and Nonpoint, it was a quick tread back to the Norwegian Pearl and the opening of the main deck stage with the early hosts, Papa Roach, with many other greats to follow.

Image slideshow of the featured live acts from Shiprocked 2014. Featured are: Papa Roach, Tremonti and Living Colour.
Kelly Panoc for Perfect Image Kellections
Jacoby Shaddix and Papa Roach open the main deck stage on Shiprocked
Kelly Panoc for Perfect Image Kellections

Papa Roach and sunset on the main deck stage was what Monday ordered, and what a set it was. Tony Palermo was first out to the kit, followed by Tobin and Jerry. It isn't a Papa Roach set until Jacoby Shaddix hits that stage and he did so in rockin' style to open up the main deck for Shiprocked Monday.

Jacoby packs more energy in a single pinky finger than most humans may know in a lifetime and he shares it while giving his all to every performance. This band is at it's best live and this set was as tight as always packed with some old school favorites as: 'Scars' and 'She Loves Me Not', woven in with some newer or more recent selections like: 'Getting Away With Murder' and the crowd jumper 'Still Swingin'. This show was a great preview as to what Papa Roach would bring to the Stardust Theater later in the itinerary.

Catch up with Papa Roach and follow them here. Also, keep up on their tour dates to catch a show right here.

Next, Mark Tremonti was preparing to take the stage in the Spinnakers Headbanger Lounge with his newly formed band, that he fronts simply titled: Tremonti. This band is a tight little web of talent and strength that sparks to life under the lights. Mark Tremonti is a stellar front man that is surrounded by three focused band mates behind this project and the music is worth this long wait! The live show is a zone for these four and it makes for a grand ride.

A bit of a harder deliverance than former Creed fans may be prepared for, but all the more grand to take in on a smaller, intimate stage in the Headbanger Lounge. This project is about Mark playing the music he wants to put out there and doing do in raw fashion, while rattling the rock cages to create the sound that is Tremonti.

It was a treat to see Mr. Tremonti on stage again, but also, to witness the next generation of Van Halen talent, via Wolgang Van Halen taking the bass in this band was indeed even more so. Tradition continues within Tremonti, but with a new touch and twist upon things and it is a show worth checking out. Please sample Tremonti here and check up on tour dates here.

Back to the main deck stage for a set with the funkadelic, eclectic and smooth groove that is Living Colour. This band of four packs a grand menu of music genres/styles into a funked up wave of sound that mixes the colors of cultures into one completely unique stamp that simply is Living Colour.

Their set touches upon rock, blues, metal, funk, the soul of R & B with many cultural styles from Africa and around the globe in order to provides one fan packed full ride within sixty minutes. The Living Colour camp makes it look easy, this is let loose, smooth grooving style set to an impressive live soundtrack. Will Calhoun drives the set in true identifiable style, with Doug Wimbish strummin' the bass and Vernon Reid ripping the riffs. All topped off with one of the best fronting hosts on vocals, Corey Glover, to add the finest touch to this mix. Living Colour is a show to catch with the smoothest funk and blues smacking into some metal, they return to the states in mid April stay up to date with this tour here.

More reviews and interviews yet to come from Shiprocked 2014, while we also preview the trip set for Shiprocked 2015.

Shiprocked pre-sale for cabin reservations has closed, but the line up is set to be announced shortly and standard reservations will be open to all Shiprockers very soon. Check out all the latest on Shiprocked here and sign up for the newsletter and register for the website here.

Catch up with our coverage of Shiprocked 2014 here, more and neverland. Hope to see everyone on Great Stirrup Cay in 2015!


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