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'Non-Stop' is decent, but lacks greatness

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It has been no secret that so far 2014 has been an abysmal year for new movies. There has not been one live action movie worth talking about except if you want to say negative things. "Non-Stop" which opens today, February 28 and stars Liam Neeson, has been the one glimmer of recent hope that finally there would be something decent to see in a movie theater. But “decent” is all that you get.

Air Marshall Bill Marks (Neeson) has his share of personal problems. They are nothing compared to the one problem he currently has on an International flight when he begins receiving text messages stating that unless $150 million is deposited into an account, one person will be murdered on the plane every 20-minutes. At first, he is unsure if the threat is legitimate, but when people start dying everyone is a suspect including himself.

"Non-Stop" is a good movie. It's not great. It is not Liam Neeson at his best and you shouldn’t expect this to be "Taken" on an airplane. The movie presents an intriguing plot and Neeson is one of the hottest actors working right now. He is one of the reasons this movie works. You have a plane full of suspects and almost everyone looks like a "bad guy" . This will keep you guessing as to who is the perpetrator until the very end.

While "Non-Stop" is not predictable, it is not the edge of your seat affair one hopes for from this type of movie. Unfortunately the major problem with this movie cannot be discussed in detail because it deals with how the movie ends. Three writers were involved in creating this script. One has no real credits to speak of. One is a former writer for the WWE and the other has barely any past credits of consequence. There are some action sequences in the movie and they, naturally, things get a little crazy with the passengers on board. There is some humor sprinkled in too. Reading the credits on IMDb, it looks like two of the writers came up with the story together and then wrote a script and the third was brought in to do a polish. The script could have used one more pass and this could have been the first great movie of the year.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra does a good job with "Non-Stop." He previously worked with Liam Neeson on "Unknown" and the two do the best they can with the material they were given. At the very least, the movie should keep audiences entertained and sometimes that is enough. It will have to do for now as we will continue to wait for the first really great movie to come out in 2014.