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'Non-Stop' action for Liam Neeson: go see it



Your heart will beat rapidly; it will leave you in a constant state of wonder and it will have you on the edge of your seat (that old cliché). But more importantly, it’s one of the best crafted thriller-action films that have come out recently.

That credit can partially go to a true Hollywood action man, Liam Neeson, who never fails to garner great reviews on his movies because they are well done and some of his characters are the heroes we all look up to.

In this film, Neeson plays Bill, a U.S. Federal Air Marshal, working to ensure the safety of his passengers. He’s on a red eye from New York to London and on this flight no one will be getting much sleep.

He receives threatening text messages to complete a ludicrous request and if it's not met, there will be serious consequences. Everyone is a suspect in this situation. Who doesn’t have a cell phone nowadays?

It becomes a hectic ride with much turmoil. You better believe that Bill plays no games and not only uses his numerous years of training to find the sender, but his natural instinct to protect the people and he will do what it takes.

Other supporting characters in this film are the brilliant Julianne Moore, who plays Jen, a fellow passenger and Michelle Dockery (of TV’s ‘Downton Abbey’), who is a flight attendant named Nancy. Both are of importance to Bill.

Much praise should be given to this film, especially with its use of technology. There is a certain aspect which makes you feel as if you’re interacting with the sender as Bill’s character. It made the film that much more impressive and will help everyone relate to Bill’s situation and think for themselves.

Not much more can be said or else you wouldn’t go see it. You need to be kept on the edge of your seat, thinking like Bill and your heart will no doubt be pounding.

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