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Nomad ChargeKey Keeps your Smartphone Power-Ready

Hellonomad's ChargeCard USB Lightning Cable.  Portable, elegantly designed, USB cables for your smartphone.
Hellonomad's ChargeCard USB Lightning Cable. Portable, elegantly designed, USB cables for your smartphone.

Hellonomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable


We’ve all experienced that dreaded moment. The moment we see our iPhone battery percentage slip into the single digits. We frantically do whatever we can to preserve that last bit of power until we can get to the nearest charger. But who carries a spare USB cable with them at all times? With the ChargeKey (by, you’ll have the handiest and smallest portable lightning cable you’ve ever seen on you about 99.9 % of the time. Now you’ll never be without a way to juice up your Smartphone (currently available for iOS and Android).

The ChargeKey is a cleverly designed USB lightning cable that attaches to your keychain and hangs about the same length as a typical house key. When you think about it, most people always have a few things on them when they are away from home. Those things include their Smartphone, house keys and wallet, right?

The ChargeKey allows you to connect to any USB port or power adapter to grab a charge. Or when you’re connected to your laptop, to do a full data transfer. The ChargeKey performs the same way any lightning cable would, there’s no technical difference. The only aesthetic difference is the smaller and more practical design that makes it ridiculously easy and practical to carry on your keychain. Really, no tech-savvy person should be without one.

In addition to the ChargeKey, HelloNomad also makes the ChargeCard, a credit card size lightning cable that fits in your wallet. Just like a set of keys, a wallet is something most people never leave home without.

HelloNomad has designed two fantastic products that are keep the connected and mobile-savvy person power-ready. They are made to fit today’s mobile and nomadic lifestyle. Now that’s simply smart.

More about HelloNomad:

  • Minimalist necessities for the modern NOMAD
  • Launched ChargeCard, their first product, last year on Kickstarter and exceeded their goal by 300%
  • Successfully launched their second product, ChargeKey, on Indiegogo
  • In the nomadic spirit, NOMAD accepts barters as a way for people/companies to exchange their own goods and services for ChargeCards/ChargeKeys. They have received an overwhelming response, ranging from custom bikes and die-stamped office furniture to wall art and artisanal popcorn.

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Tina Case is a photographer and writer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She writes reviews, tips and tricks about photography gear and other consumer technology products.

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