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'Noah's Ark' DVD Review

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Noah's Ark


Noah hears the words from above. Or did he? He does hear someone saying to build a boat and put animals in it. Is It really God doing all the talking? Well you watch and see for your self. Noah begins to build this large ark. He tells the world or at least his little corner of it, that he has room for the animals and his family and that will be all. They think he is a joke. The animals know that something is up, but the bigger problem is that his family do not all get along together and the animals don't all get along together and they are going to be in the ark for quite some time.

The new King of the Beasts might not be the Lion that everyone wants him to be. Maybe a Tiger like Dagnino should become the leader. Well, at least he thinks he should be.

This is an interesting take on the story of Noah's ark and it is a joy to watch. It is funny and it shows that people can be a peculiar bunch. This animated view from the animals perspective is fun for the whole family.

Shout! Factory has brought us this DVD and it is one of the best. The quality of the DVD is once again of the finest available. The sounds and visuals are wonderful. You will love to watch this with your whole family.

The story of Noah is told in such an adorable way that it makes you think that the animals are truly alive. The arguments and the jokes are possibly some you think you may have heard before. As people, we are sometimes not infallible and it pokes fun at us in an enjoyable way.

This is a DVD that you will want to add to your library. It is already in the stores so by all means go out, pick one up, and enjoy the story of 'Noah's Ark' like it has never been told, through animation.