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“Noah” is one of the first decent movies to come out this spring

Noah (2014)


Noah” is one of the first decent movies to come out this spring. It tells the familiar story of Noah and his Ark with an interesting Hollywood spin to it. Russell Crowe stars as Noah along with a notable cast that includes Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Anthony Hopkins, and Douglas Booth. Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan”) directed the film. It's playing at the Bow Tie Cinemas in Hartford.

The tale of Noah is an old story and even the non-religious most likely have heard about the Ark and Noah saving two of each of Earth’s animals before the Flood came to destroy the world. What is so great about “Noah” is that Aronofsky adds a human element to the story as Noah, his three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, his wife (Connelly) and the orphan they take in (Emma Watson) all are developed into real and complicated individuals.

Logan Lerman, as Ham the middle son (though for some reason is completely removed from most of the advertising for the film), does a great job in demonstrating his hurt and anger when his father decides to let mankind die out after the Flood. Watson, Crowe, and Hopkins are also in fine form here. However, Jennifer Connelly, especially stands out as simply a mother who wants a future for her children. Her acting as her character, Naameh, desperately pleas with Noah to save their grandchildren, is a joy to watch.

However, the film is not without its faults. It drags out the story far too long and the ending is somewhat unsatisfying. Those without extensive Biblical knowledge may wonder what happens to Noah and his family and just how exactly they’re able to repopulate the earth based on who’s left alive in the end. Still, it’s a pretty good film and worth a trip to the theatres.