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No time for morals in the times of war ‘Drones’ movie review



Available today in limited theaters, VOD, and iTunes is the slow burning thriller from director Rick Rosenthal, Drones. The stagnant thriller is a nice blend of moral fortitude mixed with the normal anxieties of war. The film starts the very gifted duo of Eloise Mumford and Matt O’ Leary.

"Slow burning action thriller Drones available in theaters and VOD now!"
Phase 4 Films

With a film that questions the difference between doing your job and doing what’s right; while not overly exciting there is still a lot to enjoy from Drones.

Of course with a small cast and heavy context the performances of the central figures is always key to how the film will be perceived. In Drones Sue Lawson (Mumford) is learning on the job in her first day of duty. Her partner is the under ranking Jack Bowles (O’Leary) who is showing her the ropes on the less than desirable position. When one of their main targets is located they must decide is he worth taking the lives of so many others for just one notorious terrorist.

Drones is a film that we believe would be hard for some to enjoy. Primarily due to the notion that a soldier would even been in the position knowing the results of the job. If you can overlook the believability of that idea then you will see that Mumford and O’Leary work very well together. Having to carry a film that is primarily confined to one room can be tough for anyone,so you really have to applaud the two for their work. The harshness of the job has no bearing on how Sue feels it should be handled and she is willing to risk it all to prove that.

Drones is more drama than action although there are a couple kick ass moments to be found. What will hurt the film is that many may not want to see so much conversation and back and forth banter. The problem is that’s a majority of the film. If you take the time to really see Drones for what it is then you, yourselves could relate to each character. That’s the dynamic of Drones, the yin and yang between both of the central characters. At times you will side with both
as they each state their case. Other times you may feel the desire to expel one of the two as their own stubbornness and fear cause for unlikely outcomes.

Drones will be hit or miss for most. It would have helped to have a little more espionage and action. Its clear to see what the filmmaker was trying to accomplish here, but just may not be too appealing for most. Though if you are a fan of dramas then you should get a kick out of Drones. Action film fans may not see this in the same light and maybe a tad bit more vocal on their thoughts on Drones. Regardless it’s a compelling thriller that brings many undiscussed things to life that we should all see. While not the most exciting thriller on the market Drones is solid enough to catch a view as it stands out from many films in its caliber.

Drones is now available in limited theaters, VOD and iTunes. It is directed by Rick Rosenthal and stars Eloise Mumford and Matt O Leary. It is being released courtesy of Phase 4 Films.

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