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No HISY Fit For Remote Camera Phone Shooting

HISY makes shooting selfies simple

Remote smartphone camera shutter


Selfies aren’t that easy to take — holding a camera phone at the right angle to get all of your head and not cut off your ears (or worse) happens more often than not. And who knows what the picture ends up looking like when trying to get two or more into the shot. Even if you can place the phone down and use some sort of self-timer, the odds of the picture being shot at the right time are minimal. What’s needed is a remote control that will fire off the phone’s camera when pressed. That’s pretty much all you need to know about HISY, but not all as to how to use it.

HISY is a small black button. The already-inserted button battery powers a red circle of light once pressed for the first time. This initiates the pairing via Bluetooth and the phone (iPhone or Android). Once connected the light goes out and the HISY returns to its inert appearance. Inserting a thin tool into a “reset” hole at the top will de-sync it for pairing with a new device, should that be wished at a later time.

So now all that’s needed now is to bring up the camera app. Then a fast press of the top of the HISY takes the picture. That’s a simple and efficient process; one that can work even if the HISY is up to 40 feet away. Besides the obvious uses to take selfies, I found I could get a more stable picture by holding the iPhone with one hand and then pressing the HISY with the other. This removes any chance of causing vibrations on the phone from punching against the onscreen shutter button. Obviously this is more useful when the light levels are low than not. I could also press the HISY more quickly for multiple shooting more efficiently than if using the phone’s shutter button. Of course all this applies to using it to shoot video too.

There’s really nothing more to say about HISY, other than it comes in an assortment of colors (the black is called “Ninja") and an examination of its bottom shows that the battery button can be accessed and replaced — but I imagine that it will be many thousands of button presses before the need for this occurs. Also included with the HISY is a small plastic folding holder that it can be placed in, and a lanyard that can be attached, complete with a tiny transparent screw charm. I can see attaching the HISY to the phone if Selfies are to be the highest use — but I’d suggest not doing it since then all the other uses of the HISY become more difficult. Either way, the HISY does its job and fulfills the ability for making shooting with a phone more comfortable and correct.