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No headache stylish headbands

Urban Halo


Having a bad hair day and not sure what to do? Two words, Urban Halo! Wanting to dress up your look and style up your do? That's right! Urban Halo! These fun, fashionable and functional headbands are a fun way to accessorize every womans hair style, whether she wants to run errands, go out with her girlfriends or work out. They are no slip, no sweat and no headache headbands that offer all the comfort and fashion that every woman craves. Urban Halo offers creative, sexy and fashionable designs for any occasion that won't break the bank at just $15-$20.

No slip headbands that do not give you a headache! Yes absolutely amazing product and they have scarves also!
Courtesy of Urban Halo

Styling your hair is part of your look, so why not accessorize with an adorable headband by Urban Halo? Forget the necklace and earrings, one hand picked halo is enough to pull your entire outfit together! With names to the collection like Fiery Feline, Shattered, Peacock Squawk, Random Happiness, Vogue and more you will be sure to find one just right for you. Urban Halo also has a rhinestone collection, studio scarves, and yes a men's line. Perfect for every fitness buff or bike rider.

You can see the complete Urban Halo collection at and "like" them on Facebook.