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no:carrier Offers Wisdom & Failure For All to Hear

no:carrier's Wisdom & Failure


German/Californian Electro Noire duo, no:carrier, unleashed an interesting album in March known as Wisdom & Failure. A collection of rhythms and stories centered on fears of the future and having to walk difficult paths but nevertheless overcoming them. The uniqueness of the band is evident on the thought-provoking and synth-heavy pop elements emanating on the twelve songs.

no:carrier - Wisdome & Failure

On "Alone Now," an intense new wave sounding dark opener, the band speaks on the main character of the song being alone. "Life" is radio-friendly, having a skillful set of styles similar to that of Depeche Mode and Portishead. It is moving in the imagery it presents. Built on the foundation of life's ups and down, the song could be referred to as a roller-coaster of strong electronic and tragic pop. A similar sonic journey occurs on "Let Me Walk Alone," where singer Cynthia Wechselberger offers a haunting tone amidst a beat that pulsates the speakers.

"Losing Sight Of The Coast" feels like a combination of Peter Murphy meets Kraftwerk. Wechselberger's voice fits the rising melody - one of tension and melancholic euphoria. It is quite possibly one of the most versatile cuts on Wisdom & Failure. "Owes You Nothing," the penultimate track before the finale, is full of acoustic elements and explorations into the candid truth that the world indeed owes us nothing. The finale, which is the title track, finds keyboardist/producer Chris Wirsig and Wecshelberger carving their own path into the alternative rock arena.

Wisdom & Failure may not be for everyone. The subject matter is challenging - a delivery of honest truths and relics. Wirsig states that "we found our own way, we are not going on the trodden paths. We stay true to our ideals and write exactly the songs we want to write." Wisdom & Failure expresses that sentiment. no:carrier's different approach to music is fascinating to hear and makes a memorable impression on the listener.

Final Grade: A

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