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NKOTBSB Tour stops in Boston, MA on June 4, 2011 at the TD Garden.
NKOTBSB Tour stops in Boston, MA on June 4, 2011 at the TD Garden.
Karin Dailey



There was a clear-cut divide between the BSB (Backstreet Boys) fanatics and NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) diehards in the TD Garden, last night. If you were lucky enough, *points to self*, you were a pop music-loving female in both 1988 and 1998. Whoever you were, it didn’t matter, as there was plenty of boy band to go around.

NKOTBSB - June 4, 2011
Karin Dailey

Boston knows how to welcome home their own. We hold on tight to what is ours: New Edition, Aerosmith, The Dropkicks, a handful of others and The New Kids. Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, Donnie and Danny were visibly overwhelmed by the love their Boston audience showed them. Don’t feel bad for the Backstreet Boys, they got an equal share of affection from the Beantown crowd. Everyone went home a winner.

The crew of nine has aged like fine wine, altogether, going by NKOTBSB. The show was an ideal mix of ballads and fast-paced dance numbers. Nick Carter still draws the most shrieks from the crowd, with Brian, AJ and Howie all tied in second place. A general observation revealed, most BSB devotees were too young to know all of the words to “Please, Don’t Go Girl” and on the flip side, many NKOTB supporters were unfamiliar with “10,000 promises.” Some of us, *points to self*, knew every word to every tune on the 30+ song set list.

Let’s give major credit to the tour’s production crew. The lighting and effects throughout the 2+ hour set was spectacular and timed to perfection. The physical stage design was artfully thought out, giving fans in a 19,600-seat arena, a chance to get up close and personal, with a huge runway down the center. Each squad’s routine used the entire layout, even making entrances from the back of the arena and bravely walking amongst their adoring (and...ahem...hands on) fans.

NKOTBSB is all about their fans, constantly connecting with ladies in the crowd, waving and winking, with high-fives and handshakes for all. The fellas know who keeps ‘the pride’ alive.

Sidebar: Howie D. is everybody’s new favorite, isn’t he? Sorry, AJ.

After you got your money's worth and more, the final song was a “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”/“Hangin’ Tough” mash-up, with all nine guys in Bruins jerseys. Although it didn’t bring an OT win to our hockey team, it was quite the finish.

Ladies, there is still time to hustle for those Fenway tickets. Donnie Wahlberg tears his shirt off during “Covergirl.” Are you running yet?

Let’s all quit our jobs and follow the tour? Who’s in? *points to self*


Twitter Buzz:

@joeymcintyre | Oh Garden, how I love thee. I can not count the ways. Say we'll be together again, for it is never enough when we are together. #melancholy

@Woth2982 | So funny all the NKOTB girls like howie. He's like the Danny of BSB. Good to see howie getting some love.

@PennyRomance | Most unexpectedly cool thing about NKOTBSB concert last night...Nick Carter. He rocked! Also, who knew BSB were such good singers? Not me!

@tay_houston | @NKOTB get me everytime i listen to them! and @NKOTBSB i just wanna die of happiness. I dont think i have ever loved a music group this much

@NKOTB_KG | TD Banknorth for round 2 of @nkotbsb :)


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