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Nixs Brewpub slips this Fall

Fried whole belly clams
Fried whole belly clamsjwc

Nixs Brewpub, Nantucket


We were pretty impressed with Nixs Brewpub when we visited last June, but it seems to have taken the same trajectory as its predecessor, the Seadog, with careful work in the first few weeks and a gradual deterioration by fall.

Nixs Burger, tough and dry
Nixs Burger, tough and dryjwc

We stopped in for a burger, fried clams, clam chowder and split a plate of lobster knuckle sliders. Except for the very good chowder, everything else was a disappointment.

The chowder ($8) arrived first, and as usual was very good indeed: thick and full of clams and potatoes, with a rich flavor. The lobster sliders arrived about the same time. These were made from bits of lobster harvested from the knuckles, but not very much of it. The sandwiches were pumped up with a couple of slices of pickled cucumber. When we learned that we were charged $24 for them, we knew we’d been had. We paid $22 for a full lobster roll there last spring. Skip these.

But before we’d had time to enjoy the soup and sliders, the main courses arrived and we had to put them aside. Surely they know better than that.

One was their Whole Belly Clams with French fries (and a little coleslaw) ($18) and the other was the Nixs Burger with coleslaw($14). The clams were tough and dry and so were the previously frozen French fries. Surprisingly, the hamburger was no better. The bun was stale and the meat tough and dry.

If you are on a diet, this is a good place to eat, because you’ll leave most of the food on your plate as we did.

They really need to get their act together for this business to survive.