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Ninkasi Spring Reign American Pale Ale

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Ninkasi Spring Reign


Spring Reign is the not the most recent beer release from Ninkasi Brewing Company of Eugene Oregon, but this is recent in regards to the Northern California market. This is mostly in the American style, as there is a pleasant robustness of hops, especially in the aftertaste. With a bit more strength and slightly higher bitterness level than Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, that should leave a good reference point to whether this beer would appeal to the craft beer drinker. This is not as citrusy or resiny as many American Pale Ales, but this also shows some floral and herbal hop notes. This has some biscuity and toasty malt, even in the aftertaste, but this is definitely hop-oriented as the style dictates. Moderately light in body for easy drinking, and moderately high in carbonation for a refreshing quality.

Food pairings suggested from the company's website include salads, soup, poultry, fish, cheese plates, and dried fruit. Poultry might work best, due to the flavorful qualities of this beer. This is not too far off from the typical recommendation of Pilsner with chicken, so try this instead as a beer that would compliment such a dish. This is strictly a season beer for the spring regarding its availability.