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'Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family' sees our hero with his hands full

Cover art for 'Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family.'
Cover art for 'Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family.'
DC Comics

'Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family' Graphic Novel


DC Comics unleashes another volume of its New York Times best-selling series with "Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family." The collection includes issues 13 through 18 of the monthly title and issue 17 of Batman. There's a lot going on in this graphic novel collection and it makes reading it all the more fun.

Nightwing has his hands full fighting crime these days in Gotham City. Our hero goes up against Lady Shiva before facing down the homicidal Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime is dead-set on taking out the Dark Knight's sidekicks and it's Nightwing's turn to play bat-and-mouse with the laughing lunatic. In the aftermath of these events, he finds himself dealing with the death of a brother-in-arms before making a startling and life-altering discovery.

Writer Kyle Higgins handles the bulk of the storytelling found in "Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family." Tom DeFalco kicks the book off with the story pitting the super hero against Lady Shiva. Scott Snyder picks up for one chapter to bring the "Death of the Family" story-arc to a close. Each one uses their great talents to weave an intricate tale of excitement and drama.

A few different artists bring all the writers' stories to life in pictures. Each one has their own unique take on the world of Batman and Nightwing. Andres Guinaldo handles illustrating duties for the first storyline. Eddy Barrows leads us into the "Death of the Family" arc. Greg Capullo interjects and closes out the Joker-centric saga. Sanford Greene and Juan Jose Ryp finish out the book in their own individual styles.

Strangely, we don't get any bonus material for "Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family." I'm used to thumbing through variant covers, concept sketches, page layouts, and various other extras at the close of DC's graphic novel collections. It's fun to get to see where some of the character concepts came from. Gazing on great alternative cover artwork isn't such a bad thing either.

"Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family" is an interesting compilation of different stories. In addition, it gives readers an insight into the super hero's whereabouts during the big Batman event the title of the book alludes to. You can't go wrong with a book that gives you appearances by Lady Shiva, Penguin, Joker, Batgirl, Damian Wayne, and more. Let's not forget a shocking reveal that will leave you frantically fumbling to find issue 19 of the monthly title so you can keep reading.

"Nightwing Volume 3: Death of the Family" is available now in paperback and Kindle editions.