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Nightcrawler #1 review

Review by xonerdygirl

nightcrawler #1


Nightcrawler is back! Not only has he come back to life, he has come back to the X Men with his own comic series. The new series is written by Chris Claremont and has art by Chris Samnee. It was published on April 9th, 2014.

We start the issues off with Nightcrawler training with Wolverine in the Danger Room. He is telling us about himself and letting us know that the Wolverine in this series has lost his healing factor. The dialogue is short and sweet and the action gets started with Nightcrawler pushing Wolverine maybe just a bit to far.

Nightcrawler died in the X Men story line Second Coming saving Hope from Bastion. It's really awesome to get to see the two together again in the Jean Grey School of High Learning, where Ororo has made Nightcrawler a teacher. Not only are we getting Nightcrawler back, we are getting Nightcrawler with a love interest, Amanda Sefton, aka Magik.

The action kicks up when Kurt has to battle Trimega. We weren't told much of why Trimega attacked Kurt and Amanda, but Amanda thinks he might be after her and her family.

The art is bright and colorful, it definitely catches the eye. The dialogue is easy to keep up with and Nightcrawler is light hearted and just happy to be back. Even though he says so much as changed since he was gone, he says, "Racing across the globe to save the day once again? It's as they say: some things never change."

I'm excited to see the story heat up and to see where they take Nightcrawler. What are your thoughts on this 1st issues?