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Night Cap - Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair


Advanced Night Repair is Estee Lauder's star skincare item. It has won numerous of awards throughout the decades and it currently has over 25+ patents worldwide -- which means that this product is exclusive to Estee Lauder, and you cannot get a dupe of it at your local drugstore. So what makes Advanced Night Repair so special? It is simple! It repairs, protects and prevents. It repairs past damage, protects against future damage and it prevents future damage from occurring.

Get your beauty sleep -- with Advanced Night Repair.

Here is a break down of just a few of Advanced Night Repair's benefit...

- Significantly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

- Skin feels and looks smoother and more hydrated.

- Skin looks younger, radiant and even toned.

- Helps to neutralize up to 90% of environmentally generated free radicals, before they can damage skin's appearance.

It is ideal to use Advanced Night Repair in the evening, because our skin undergoes a nightly cellular renewal process, and the Chronolux CB technology that is in this product helps to maximize this process. The result -- you literally get your beauty sleep, and wake up with skin that looks and feels more refreshed!

I have consistently used Advanced Night Repair every evening for the past nine months, and I can honestly say that I have someone ask me about my skin every single day -- with or without makeup. Most recently when I was running errands, I had a man ask me about what I used on my skin, because he wanted to purchase the same products for his wife and daughter. And as we ladies know, most men do not take notice things like that. As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie I have used a ton of products over the years, and this is one of the products that actually does what it says. Whodathunkit?! It is ideal for all ethnicities. Definitely believe the hype when it comes to Advanced Night Repair!

Advanced Night Repair is available in three sizes:

1 oz - $62/ 1.7 oz - $92/ 2.5 oz - $120.


Estee Lauder

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