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'Nick and Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab' is a mega-watt mystery adventure

by Steve Hockensmith and "Science Bob" Pflugfelder

Nick and Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab


While their parents are studying in Uzbekistan for the summer, brother and sister Nick and Tesla get shipped off to live with their Uncle Newt. Their scatterbrained, mad-scientist uncle might not be the best at parenting -- but at least he gives the kids full access to his lab. With a High-Voltage Danger Lab, the abandoned mansion under construction by some shady characters, and a mystery girl who may be in trouble, Nick and Tesla’s summer turns out to be the opposite of boring.

'Nick and Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab' is the first in a series of Middle Grade mystery novels co-written by writer-educators Steve Hockensmith and "Science Bob" Pflugfelder. Nick and Tesla use science to solve their problems and come up with creative solutions. The book features illustrated how-to guides for every contraption the pair makes. The machines and projects can easily be built with household items, and include a rocket launcher, a "RoboCat" and an intruder alarm. Ingenious and fun, these simple machines are a great addition to the book whether simply reading about them or actually building them.

Don't worry, parents -- the how-to guides also include steps directing the kids to ask for adult supervision and help. This gives a fun opportunity for the whole family to follow along with Nick and Tesla's story, but more importantly, it makes safety a priority. The protagonists also make sure to get help from their Uncle Newt when they need it.

Nick and Tesla are a dynamic pair. Cautious, careful and reserved, Nick is always the one to think things through, attend to safety and explore all their options. Determined, curious and forthright, Tesla is the one who thinks outside the box, combining her scientific curiosity and creative impulses with a determination to get things right. Boys and girls will love both brother and sister, as well as the assortment of family members, kids down the street, villains and annoying neighbors that fill the pages.

The best thing about 'Nick and Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab' is that this mystery is just the start of the summer. The series continues with 'Nick and Tesla's Robot Army Rampage' with more fun, science-themed books to follow.