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Niche, nibbles, tidbits – The One That Didn’t Get Away

Bonefish Grill Resturant, Tulsa, OK


As an avid Rocky Mountain trout fisherman, I am always concerned about ‘the one that got away’, usually brought on by early season excitement tremors: Fish 1, Angler 0. Luckily, this does not extend to eateries as in the case of the Bonefish Grill in our little neck of the woods, Tulsa, OK; though not massive in size, Tulsa, did not let this little restaurant gem get away. Easily reachable at 71st and Garnet streets, right by the Cinemax IMAX theatres, this little stop over is like a dinner and a movie – relaxing and entertaining.

Years ago, we as a family would travel to Disneyland from Salt Lake City using our Magic Kingdom Club pass to visit other sites such as San Diego Zoo and in addition, San Diego had several wharf fisheries stop overs, one of which reminded me of the Tulsa Bonefish Grill upon entering. Little nooks and crannies are stashed away in a soft seaside-estuary theme that begs you stay a spell and indeed we did. We ordered appetizers of Bang Bang Shrimp & Cold Snap Fresh Ceviche. These delicacies were absolutely fantastic, need to go back just for these toppers alone. As we pursued these delicate tidbits, our main entrées were coming our way – hand held tacos in the form of Bang Bang Shrimp and Baja Fish tacos sizzled as our waiter reminded us of the heat level, very hot and full of fish envy. Sometimes, few words state a cause of feeling good, our appetizers and main entrées, truly ecstatic. We completed our stop over with Cheesecake, not fantastic but reasonable.

We sat for a while savoring our meal with some idle chit-chat, love just resting after good food taking in the aromas that waft through the open air - made small note to revisit which hasn’t happened as of yet, another to-do on yet another day. Packed my fishing gear up consisting of rising and sauntering out the door to the next journey part – IMAX theatre.

Fresh Streamside Trout

4 10” Fresh Streamside Trout, pan size – 10”, cleaned, prepared w/dash lemon pepper
As needed Japanese bread crumbs or crushed cracker crumbs
½ cup Olive Oil

If at Streamside and using wood fired heat, be careful not to overheat using rocks to raise cooking surface, a wooden chop stick slipped into oil reveals about 325 degrees if just barely sizzling; if using gas stove, add oil to heated pan, temp around 325 degrees. Add seasoned and breaded trout to skillet (do not crowd), sautéing trout 2 to 3 minutes each side, remove, let sit for few minutes, debone and enjoy!

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