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Niche, nibbles, tidbits – Hideaway Heaven

Food & Dining Experience


Tulsa may not be New York or Chicago where foods of every type are available but one thing we do have on tap is pizza, that little slice of spicy heaven dripping from your fingers measured in smiles ear to ear - and having attended college in New York, a deli slice of steaming pizza just naturally brings aromas of home to this author.

Tulsa has many pizzerias but only the ‘Hideaway’ has that thin crust of Mama’s Italian New York pizza. With six locations in and around Tulsa, the scent of pizza is not far away with the Broken Arrow location being our favorite. The Hideaways are different than most pizza houses since the styling is more like a large open air restaurant allowing a taste aroma of many pizza offerings even before being seated. Another perk we enjoy are waiters, no need to wade through a line of people, just a smiling face to greet you and with pizza choices such as: Mob Boss, Da Bomb and Mama Mia Meatball, it is difficult to choose. Today we decided to enjoy an around the world naturally code named, the ATW – a blend of Hideaway sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, green bell peppers, red onions, black olives and fresh sliced mushrooms. Now if that isn’t enough to put you away ……

Waiting for your food is never a problem for it seems as soon as your refreshments arrive, the main entrée appears piping hot with all the accoutrements where only ‘fingees’ need be the implements of choice. Ah the scent of hot pizza, followed with the pure joy of spices awakening every mouthwatering food temptation possible, it is at once a gathering of old country flavors and remembrances ….. thumbs up to you Hideaway for those images of home …

Light Italian Appetizer serving for four

2 large Fresh French Bread Loaves – sliced on the slant 1” thick
1 cup Virgin Olive Oil
4 oz Balsamic Vinegar
4 small Ramen Cups
Chilled Sparkling wine of choice (opt)

For each place serving, add 2 ounces olive oil to each small ramen cup the adding 1 ounce of Balsamic Vinegar to center of olive oil …. Serve piping warm fresh French bread slices alongside Oil. A light brie cheese not overwhelming may be served with the appetizer as well as the chilled Sparkling wine …. Enjoy!

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