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Niche, nibbles, tidbits – Fleming’s - The Art of Fine Dining

Ethnic Cuisine


Dressing for dinner in Tulsa is usually relegated to clothing aka brevity – rarely if ever does one foster an evening out dressing for the occasion; further were it not for a California Mayoral Son-in-law, we would not have known that a Flemings existed in Tulsa. Tucked away in a secluded area of Utica Square, once a hot spot for the oil rich and famous, the private dining Steakhouse, Flemings, awaits your dining pleasure.

Entering this establishment is one of conversationally quiet, again a rarity in today’s world of cuisine. Checking your winter outerwear is a given at Fleming’s as well as an immediate greeting from the maître’ de – ah such elegance. Our waiter met us at our dining place with a wine list in his hands and help with a wine that would complement our dining pleasure.

Our appetizer consisted of Shrimp Cocktail for me and Crab Cakes for my lovely along with a sparkling light wine and a Caesar Salad, such a unique experience as a first course. Entrée’s included Broiled Pacific Swordfish and Double Breast of Chicken. The entrées were served with all the flair of fine dining – so much so, that a small niblet of swordfish exited my spouse’ dinnerware though relinquishing a morsel of chicken in return – ah well, a little give and take helps retain an atmosphere of congeniality. Desserts consisted of Chocolate Lava Cake and Cheesecake while the evening concluded with small conversation and more of the sparkling wine; such a unique dining experience in Tulsa of all places; we shall avail ourselves of this experience once again and very shortly……!

Shrimp Cocktail

1 pack frozen jumbo shrimp ready-to-eat

¾ cup yellow cap Pace picante sauce
¼ cup diced fine garden onion
1 oz. V8 hot tomato juice
½ tsp Nature’s seasoning
½ tsp garlic paste
½ tsp sugar

2 Marguerite wide mouth glasses

Defrost 2 dozen Jumbo Shrimp about one hour on a dinner plate with paper towels to catch the liquid. While defrosting the shrimp, stir all of the second set of ingredients and set aside. When defrosted to just a little icy, add 1 oz. shaved ice to bottom of each glass and 3 oz. picante mix ringing the glasses with a dozen jumbo shrimp, tails outside and hanging down glasses …. Enjoy with a very light sparkling white or red wine … enjoy!

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