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Nice light sports airplane from Italy

Nice little plane from Italy
Nice little plane from Italy

Tecnam Eaglet LSA airplane


A nice LSA plane from Italy is the Tecnam model P92 EAGLET, equipped with the Rotax engines 912 ULS2, 912 IS and the Lycoming engine, YO-233-B2A.

Based on the proven P92, an all metal, two seats, single strut braced high wing aeroplane, as the base platform, and paying particular attention to the needs of the new American LSA category, Tecnam has delivered the best high wing training and cross country aircraft to date in the light general aviation category.

The airplane combines the best of the features of their existing high wing aircraft line merged into a single platform. The Eaglet features increased side visibility, smooth aerodynamic lines, a low profile modular panel able to accommodate a wide range of avionics, while still maintaining excellent visibility over the nose, a trait of all TECNAM models.

Interestingly, the doors are lined with automotive type door seals, seats give full support with excellent leg room, side map pockets as well as pockets in the back of the seats all combine to make the Eaglet a very comfortable aircraft.
According the the factory, some of the advantages are supposed to be:

  • Superior performance and flight characteristics
  • Low stall speed with excellent response at all speeds
  • Stable and Responsive
  • Uncompromising build quality (based on CS/VLA certified Aircraft)
  • Excellent visibility
  • Roomy, quiet and ergonomic

"All this makes the Eaglet the natural choice for discriminating buyers of all ages and levels of flight experience", Tecnam concludes.

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