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'Next Goal Wins' DVD Review

DVD Review: Next Goal Wins
DVD Review: Next Goal Wins
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Next Goal Wins


American Samoa has probably the worst soccer team on the planet. In 2001 they lost a match to Australia 31-0. Now speaking from the fact that I used to play sports this would be a hard defeat to bounce back from. What's worse is than that loss is that they have only scored two goals and have never won a match.They are a rag tag bunch brought together by their love for the sport. The players, some of whom go back to that humiliating loss to Australia, are still on the team.

As you know the World cup was just held in Brazil and American Samoa was not there as a nation playing. They really wanted to be there and this is their story.

Former Dutch player and now coach Thomas Rongen had moved to the United States and was there as a coach. He answered an ad by the U.S.Soccer Federation to coach the island of American Samoa in the qualification round prior to the World Cup. He actually took the job. Some still can't believe it but he did. What he saw when he arrived would have made any coach run for the plane or boat to get off the island. The team was not in shape. Some of his players were in the U.S. Military and would come for in mainly for the games. He had teachers and other semi- professionals and one player was actually a man who lived as a woman all the time.

Rongen had one month to get his players in shape. As you know they didn't make it to the Cup but man did they work their butts off trying. This is a documentary that if you ever want to get your team in shape or turn them around then this is the film that you want them to see

It would be wrong of me to tell the whole story and I won't but this is truly inspirational and will possibly bring you to tears. Man even the guy that dresses like a girl is nuts when he gets on the pitch. This guy tackles like the best of them. Look you need this film for your library.

Ketchup Entertainment is bringing this film to you on DVD and this is one superb documentary. The quality of the DVD and the film is beautiful and if you love to watch great football then you need to see this. Thomas Rongen is pure genius and the American Samoan Team has nothing to be ashamed of anymore. I am so proud of what they accomplished.