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Newest trend: pop culture socks

pop culture on your sox!
Buzz Fleischman, his socks, Kathy's sox

fashion socks


We follow fashion trends like lobbyists follow Congress. We want to be at the epicenter of the power of the trend to mold and shape opinion as it relates to……. ourselves. Since we can now make our feelings known ‘worldwide’ through social media, our ego constantly calls out for more.
What is fashion? Is it the current style of the social elite? Is it what famous people wear?
Where does fashion start? Does it start on the drawing boards of designers? Maybe not…. It may start with a pre-teen in Tokyo who didn’t have matching sox. Maybe the laundry wasn’t done that day. Maybe it was too dark to see. The girl’s classmates picked it up and started wearing un-matched sox. It spread via social media and became a fad.
Soon it became passe’ when those older than 40, in an effort to recreate their youth, jumped on the bandwagon.
When did we start wearing other people’s names on our clothing? It was the day we wanted to associate ourselves with a style, a trend or a specific group of the upwardly hip. We want to be a trend setter! We wanted to be in the ‘in crowd’.
Back ‘in the day’ a tee shirt was white, and did not sport a name, team or design. Designers wanted their name ‘out there’ for people to see, but they couldn’t be too overt. That would be a faux pas. That would negate the feeling they wanted to convey.
At that point, everyone wanted to wear the latest name brand, but when you saw a polo pony logo on your jolly beer swilling pal down at the corner tavern, it didn’t seem to have quite the cache’ you wanted.
Worse; it was yesterday’s news and you are so not there!
How to differentiate yourself without going over the top by wearing huge letters on your shirt that blare ‘Hey look at me’ (I’m cool). You can’t say ‘I’m cool’ because at that point, you’re not.
Cool socks rocks!
Pop culture themed sox started in Chicago and is spreading its ‘coolest sox in town’ thing all over America-Land.
The hippest thing in the world is not to appear to be the hippest thing in the world. Go there by exposing your ankles and casually crossing your leg exposing your statement. It’s not illegal.
Have your up to the moment pop culture thing up to your ankles. Coolsocksbruh.

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