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New world takeover ‘The Machine’ movie review

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The Machine


In the vein of films like The Terminator, Robocop, D.A.R.Y.L. and even Short Circuit comes the pathologically insane sci fi thriller The Machine. Starring Caity Lotz (Arrow) as Ava an advanced robotic machine with the ability to not only think but to reason and show compassion. Her creator Vincent(Toby Stephens) thinks she is the key to fixing an issue that is dear to his heart. Together they star in an action packed thriller that gives a serious nod to the aforementioned films in many ways.

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From the start of the film you will feel the grit and edge The Machine provides very much highlighted by the awesome score. At times you may feel as if you had been placed back twenty years at a time when films like these were quite the norm. Where The Machine sticks out from others is the unclear designation of who are the bad guys and if these experiments hold some higher purposes. Luckily for the viewers it is a very straight laced film that does not lead much up to the imagination. That being said, it still is a remarkable journey of watching a piece of technology come as close to being a human since we saw Johnny 5 enter our cinemas.

The Machine is deep and impactful and should be a film most enjoy. The only true downfall is there seems to be so much lost surrounding the military based that it may leave an unfinished feeling after seeing this. The good thing is that once The Machine is created it’s an explosion of violence and mayhem that will remind you of the film Hannah during her escape from containment. When people speak of popcorn movies a film like The Machine seems more accurate to fit this description. The beginning stages of the film are a quick introduction to the life of the doctor and the evilness of the British Military. While we don’t see this as a love story there is an unrelentless connection between man and machine. Don’t think for a second it’s a guy having sex with a robot as the love is more of a fatherly figure to his unique creation.

Caity Lotz is noteworthy as Ava and truly her work as Black Canary on Arrow may have stemmed from this role. She is dynamic and graceful as Ava and brings a childish manor that could have seemed far fetched but she held her own. The brutality she displays on an emotionless face really helps bring the film to it’s peak and should give her a nod on a few nominations this year. Not only do we want to see more of Caity Lotz but we want to see more Ava!

The Machine is a compelling and absorbing sci fi journey. Hopefully it can draw the attention of those outside of the sci fi world as the story truly resonates with all of us. Caity Lotz is a future star and along with the great performances by all included hopefully you will see this in theaters. Credit Tom Raybold with the amazing music and look for The Machine coming to a theater near you!

The Machine is directed by Caradog James and stars Caity Lotz, Toby Stephens, and Denis Lawson. It is currently available to download on iTunes and will be in theaters April 25th. The Machine is being distributed courtesy of Xlrator Media.


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