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New Viral Video Shows the "HAPPY" Side of Mississippi

#HappyMS video


We've all heard and seen videos inspired by Pharrell's single HAPPY---but for those who are fans of Mississippi there is one in particular that is sure to make you feel a little.. well, HAPPY.

Produced by Tom Beck, Thabi Moyo, Nina Parikh, Philip Scarborough, and Terry Sullivan with production by Spot On Productions, this is a video that is sure to make you feel good about a state that so many of us call home, capturing the sights and the folks that make Mississippi great.

In a little over a week the video has garnered almost 50k hits on Youtube alone, and there has been a flurry of comments across the web about the production that manages to capture the best of the Magnolia State.

"Great video!," says Robert Barnes on Youtube. "It's time we see the Roses and not the just Thorns."

"I live in Mississippi and I have my whole life," says Hattie Taylor. "It is a really beautiful state with some really beautiful people. Just like every place on the planet, it has its uglies, but my home state is lovely."

Even those outside the state are digging the vibe of the video and the people in it. "This is my favorite Happy Video of them all," says Judi Godsey. "It shows the awesome diversity of my beautiful Mississippi, for which most people are not even aware. VERY WELL DONE!!!" She then adds on Youtube: "Oh... and I live in Pharrell's hometown now, so I have seen a lot of Happy Videos!! :-)"

Whether you are looking for something upbeat that is sure to make you smile or looking for a side of Mississippi that is not always presented to the world, this video by #HappyMS is sure to make you a little more HAPPY. Find out more about the mission of #HappyMS at