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New Trucks at the Denver Auto Show

All new F150
All new F150
Ford Motor Company

Ford 2015 F150 pickup truck


I went to the Denver Auto Show this month, looking for truck news. I did see the 2015 Colorado and Canyon that will be out soon and a 2016 Colorado with the baby Duramax diesel. Chevy also introduced the new HD High Country luxury truck to compete with cousin GMC HD Denali.

The biggest story was Denver's first look at the 2015 Ford F150. You've probably heard the skin is military grade aluminum. This saves 700lbs, the frame now has high- strength steel which for some reason is also lighter and as a side benefit has a tensile strength of 70,000 psi. Higher psi than a F650 frame.

The all new 2015 F150 has the new look and new engine with the 2.7L EcoBoost V-6, the famous 3.5L Ecoboost, 3.5L regular V-6 and the 5.0L V-8. Gone is the 3.7L V-6 and the 6.2L V-8.

Lighting is big, with LED headlights and tail lamps, spotlight on the end of the mirrors, inside bed lights and a light that shines down from the tailgate to see trailer hitching.

The beltline is 2 inches lower making the side windows larger for better visibility. The bed rail is 1 inch lower. I'd like to see it lower as it was raised 3 inches back in 2014. And the F150 has an optional 360 camera to see all 4 sides at once from the center stack screen. This helps with drive thru windows, parking at the mall and parallel parking. There's also an optional front camera with a wiper I guess so you can go rock climbing.

You can get a moon roof like the luxury SUV's that takes up most of the roof. It will be great for safari, watching giraffes or even looking for Big Horn Sheep and RM goats near Winter Park. You can even drop your tailgate with the remote key FOB. And the step built into the tailgate is actually built into the tailgate, much better than the plastic tailgate cover with the old step that you couldn't set on or use for a work bench.

This new lighter 2015 F150 should be more fuel efficient and haul more weight, we'll know this fall.

Trailer hitch assist is great, a new rear view camera feature that adds a dynamic line based on steering wheel angle in the display to help line up truck and trailer with a red line in the center for finding the ball.

Smart trailer tow module, using an all-new smart trailer tow wiring harness that helps identify and inform the driver of potential trailer connectivity issues, burned or unlit trailer marker lamps, and brake light and trailer battery faults.

Adaptive cruise control, my favorite, allowing drivers to set a cruising speed and use radar technology to monitor traffic ahead and maintain a safe distance between vehicles. You can keep the cruise on even when driving on I-25 through Denver except at rush hour.

Lane-Keeping System, which is designed to help avert unintentional drifting of the vehicle outside the intended driving lane by automatically detecting the left- or right-hand road lane markings using a camera mounted between the windshield and interior rear view mirror. Nice, it shows me how much I day-dream when on the open road.

Auto Start-Stop technology helps save fuel. Specially tuned for truck customers, shuts off the engine to save fuel when the vehicle is stopped, except when towing or in four-wheel drive. The engine restarts in milliseconds when the brake is released.

Ford F-150 trucks equipped with EcoBoost engines also will have standard Active Grille Shutters. Active Grille Shutters stay open when extra engine cooling is needed, such as during low-speed stop-and-go driving or while working in hot weather. They automatically close to reduce aerodynamic drag at cruising speed.

You can watch my 2015 Ford F150 interview on http://www.MrTruck.TV

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