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New supplement banishes hangovers

Never Hungover


Never Hungover is a supplement that promises to keep the hangover away after a night out drinking. The two-ounce drink is an all natural proprietary blend of B Vitamins and herbal extracts and is calorie free. You can drink it down or mix it, with a recommended use of one bottle for every four drinks. I took for a test drive and here are the results.

Never Hungover, hangover prevention supplement available at GNC, $3.99.
Christa Emmer

I chose to wait until midway through my drinking cycle to drink the never hungover. The bottle is quite secure, it has a plastic overwrap and also has a seal inside the cap. The seal was a little tough to open. I could see someone in a bar looking for silverware or maybe settling for a key to get it open. I did not mix it with anything, I just drank it straight. The taste reminded me of flat Mountain Dew. I had about three and half to four glasses of wine (which usually gives me some sort of hangover). I did not have a hangover in the morning, but I also noticed that I slept more restful. Alcohol sometimes makes me toss and turn and Never Hungover eliminated that for me - so much that I would probably use it after only a couple of drinks.

Verdict : I would use it again, especially when I know I am going to be consuming a lot of alcohol. It worked as promised and the added bonus was restful sleep. Never Hungover is available at for $47.88 for a 12-pack ($38.30 for members) or you can buy singles for $3.99 each at GNC stores.