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New Skinny Girl products put a squeeze on natural sweeteners

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There is a new product in your local Walmart and some local grocery stores this month, September 2013. The natural sweeteners known as Stevia, Monk Fruit and Agave have take the world by storm for the past few years and now the company known as Skinny Girl takes it to a whole other level with their new natural sweeteners. The company has taken Monk Fruit, Stevia and Agave and concentrated the extracts and formed it into a liquid sweetener and placed it in a very cool, slim looking squeeze container.

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I got the chance to try these products lately and they do seem to be a very convenient set up. If you are a stevia fan, for instance, you can get Skinny Girl stevia liquid extract in a slim, convenient container that you can carry any where you go. No more going to your favorite restaurant and ordering un-sweet tea and having to deal with those little pink packets that are always on the table, or sugar that won't dissolve in a cold drink. Not only are those unnatural sweeteners dangerous for you to consume, as they have been linked to many types of cancer, but they taste really bad too with a very noticeable aftertaste.

Now with the Skinny Girl natural sweeteners you can carry your favorite taste with you and sweeten anything you like in an instant. There is no need to refrigerate the product so you can keep it where ever is convenient for you. For me, it is just inside the door pocket of the pickup truck. Every time I want to go eat someplace away from home I know it will be there in case I want to use it in coffee or something else instead of regular sugar. Not only does regular sugar put weight on you and negatively effect your health, but it also is made from genetically modified sugar beets, unless it is pure cane sugar.

Skinny Girl says just one squirt of the small bottle and it will be all you need. I found this to be true for the most part, but we all like our beverages our own way, so this could be slightly “jumping the gun”. I tried it in herb tea and found one squirt really was all I needed, in fact it was slightly to much, the product is very, very sweet. In a strong cup of coffee, I needed about a squirt and a half. The products are equipped with a “quick stop valve” top so when you squirt it, as soon as you stop pinching the bottle the flow of liquid stops immediately.

I found this to be pretty handy. One thing I will note, if you are an organic, all natural buff, this product is NOT all natural. Yes it is made with natural sweeteners, monk fruit, stevia and agave, but it also contains Sodium Benzoate which is a chemical preservative and a dangerous one at that. Personally, I do not consume any unnatural preservatives, but I am also an organic buff so to each their own. I will also note that the company has made an organic stevia product. Along with the 3 concentrations of the natural sweetener liquids, I tried the companies organic stevia which comes in a powder form, in convenient small paper packets, packet in a small box.

Although the organic stevia does not taste any different than the non organic liquid stevia, there is that guarantee that the organic stevia was grown and produced using no chemicals whatsoever, for some people this is very important. I am very happy to see that the company made it a point to produce the organic version of stevia along with their concentrated liquids and I hope that they are planning on rolling out an organic version of the monk fruit and agave. For me, the monk fruit was the best. But I am not a stevia fan due to the aftertaste associated with it and agave, I just do not really use it, to me there is no real difference in taste.