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New Shogun Restaurant in Mission Viejo provides Japanese food with a fun show

New Shogun Japanese Cuisine Restaurant


A teppanyaki restaurant is the closest that most people will have to getting a show with their dinner. At New Shogun Japanese Restaurant in Mission Viejo, the combination of good food, a lively show, large teppanyaki tables that allow guests to watch other table's meals being made as well as sit with and talk to other diners at their table while enjoying the “show” makes your meals a lot of fun as well as a tasty dining experience. Constant “oohs”, “aahs” and applause from other tables keep the lively atmosphere going. The teppan grill itself is situated in front of the diners so they can interact with the chef as he cooks their meal.

A 'volcano' erupts at your table when created by the teppan chef at New Shogun Japanese Cuisine restaurant in Mission Viejo
Edward Simon
Delicious orange roughy with shrimp and teppan grilled veggies
Edward Simon

New Shogun has a full bar available including Happy Hour specials. Not only do they have a wide selection of sake and beer, but drinks such as Mai Tais and Lemon Drop Martinis can be ordered to begin your meal. The meal actually begins when you are seated. Each teppanyaki table is U-shaped and can seat up to 18 people. Not only does that make it an excellent place for large parties, but when you come with just a few people it means you will be seated at the table with strangers too. More often then not, by the time the meal finishes, lively conversations have sprung up and the others at the table are no longer strangers but friends.

The teppanyaki menu has many choices of proteins, including New York and filet mignon steaks, salmon and orange roughy, scallops, lobster and calamari, chicken and a vegetarian meal. These are available either as a single item order or as part of a combination meal with combos such as Sesame Chicken and Shrimp or Teriyaki Beef and Scallops or New York Steak and Lobster.

Once your order is placed, a bowl of Miso Mushroom Soup arrives. Shortly after that, the teppan chef arrives and the show begins. As he oils up the teppan grill, he creates a towering flame in the center for the excitement of the guests. He then takes an egg, tosses it in the air several times with his spatula, finally turning the spatula side up to slice the eggshell perfectly in half, to be used in the fried rice. Next, vegetables are put on the grill to cook and a large pile of white rice also, with the rice ready to be turned into fried rice at the chef's hands. Shrimp are grilled next, as an appetizer with the meal.

While the first items are cooking on the grill, a salad with a ginger dressing comes for each diner. While everyone is enjoying that, the chef does what has become a signature of every teppan restaurant around. He slices up an onion, layers it as a “volcano” on the grill and proceeds to spray a liquid into it that becomes the flame and smoke of the volcano. No matter how many times diners have seen this, it never fails to excite them. When the vegetables such as zucchini, onion and carrots are done, they are served along with the shrimp.

The teppanyaki chef shows his skill as he puts the proteins onto the grill, starting them cooking at different times so he can serve everyone their main course at roughly the same time. That is quite a task, as he cooks everything on the grill from the steaks, fish, seafood and chicken. As the last of the proteins is served, the chef gives his goodbye, usually to a chorus of applause from the happy diners. By this time of the meal, everyone is hungrily enjoying the food that was just prepared right in front of them.

Of course, New Shogun has several other options, from gyoza and tempura plates to teriyaki dishes or a bowl of nabeyaki udon soup. They do have a complete sushi menu with items from their sushi bar. Many of these items are also found as appetizers before the teppanyaki dinner. Separate rooms are also available for groups, making it a fun way to hold a birthday party, business dinner or just for a large group of friends.

For anyone with even a slight interest in Japanese food, New Shogun Restaurant offers a wide selections of delicious dinners for everyone. Dishes range from those who might be trying Japanese food for the first time up to dishes that can make the Japanese food aficionado happy. Add to that the fun of the teppanyaki “show” and that makes New Shogun Restaurant an excellent choice for a couple or a group's night out, as well as a nice, unique lunch with friends or business acquaintances.

The New Shogun Authentic Japanese Cuisine

25521 Muirlands Boulevard

Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Ph: (949) 768-5800

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