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New Patron Tequila line radiates style

Roca Patron Launch Party 8/4-slide0
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Last Monday at the Bath Club in the northern area of Miami Beach (North Beach), the Patron Spirits company held a launch party for distributors, media and select consumers for Roca Patron--the new line of tequilas in the family. Roca Patron changes the view of tequila (taking shots at a party) further from what the Original Patron began to a drink to be savored and sipped. Local bartenders were invited to the launch party and spent time with the three drinks to create delicious cocktails that would be served at the party. Each cocktail, like the Roca Patron line gives off a character that would fit a particular mood or personality. The Roca Como Flor, developed by bartender Jaren Rivas, can be drank after a hard day's ride home in rush hour traffic. The grapefruit juice, hibiscus syrup and tea syrup transport one to a jam packed Ocean Drive, screaming with musical rhythms and great atmosphere. The Watermelon Man by Rob Montero mixes with the Roca Silver to provide a jolt of flavor to break from the normal week's routine.

The Rock of Turin is a cocktail that combines the wood, nut and raisin flavors with chocolate bitters to smooth out the muscles and tension in one's body to soak in music, love and understanding. And the Dhania Delight by Carla Rivera uses Hibiscus syrup with the Reposado flavors--oak, vanilla, ginger and caramel to prepare for a night of dancing with the feeling of delight. The process of making Roca Patron also has its own personality which speaks to many a man's character. The agave plant which is integral in making the tequila is finely crushed by the tahona process (circular volcanic rock) after being roasted in brick ovens for 79 hours. Then the fibers and the juice extract is distilled in small batches in copper stills and finally put into barrels which, in the case of the Reposado, absorb the taste from the oak also. Any man can find himself in the Silver, Reposado and Anejo when taking a drink and feel comfortable among friends, with someone special or meditating alone on the day's events to his favorite music.