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New Movies on Netflix: Review of "Jimmy P."

movie review of "Jimmy P."

New movies on netflix: review of "Jimmy P."


Whenever the box office is flat and Redbox Tuesday new release day has nothing but grade D horror movies, I always have the luxury of perusing my Netflix library. I have found another secret gem that you may be interested in: “Jimmy P.”
Jimmy Picard (Benecio del Toro) is an American Blackfoot Indian World War 2 vet who has survived the war but has come back with catatonic seizures and inexplicable migraine-like headaches. He has suffered a head injury during the war, but something else seems to be the catalyst of his ailments. The VA doctors at a Topeka, Kansas, hospital are baffled by the seizures, so they ask for the help of Georges Devereux (Matthew Amalric); an unconventional psychoanalyst who specializes in American Indian psychology. Devereux and Picard develop an old time Freudian “lets talk” relationship and the following scenes explore the deep seated roots of Jimmy P’s problems.
I found the based on a true story movie an extremely intriguing study of the human mind. Devereux digs until he finds that the bases of Picard’s problems are not physical scars, but mental scars ─ just as physical ailments can build up and exacerbate other physical conditions, so can mental scars. It appears that Jimmy P. has suffered many negative experiences in his life which have built up over time and now he has been overwhelmed by the culmination of his misfortunes. Adding to the problem is the racist approach by the VA doctors, who somehow think that being an American Indian is some kind of condition. Del Toro has made a career out of playing roles in which he depicts men who appear to be coming out of a coma ─ and he is good at. This is very good movie: Watch it on Netflix.

Reviewers Rating: 4 of 5 Freudian Follies.