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New hair product improves drying time

Quick Dry Shake & Spray


Does it take you forever to blow dry and style your own hair at home? Every wish you had the secret to not giving up half way through the blow dry? Well, wish no more! My Amazing Blow Dry Secret's Quick Dry Shake & Spray is here to rescue you, and with this new products debut to the beauty industry, other products are running scared.

New Product improves drying time
Courtesy of Indulgence Salon

This exclusive two part product is clear on top and pink on the bottom. When mixed together they make one amazing product. When sprayed onto wet hair the clear quick-drying agents start to evaporate taking water with them when they leave and the pink agents stay behind leaving conditioners, hydrators, and protectors. It reduces the drying time by 50% leaving the hair silky, shiny, and soft. In addition to the the Quick Dry Shake & Spray, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret has a shampoo and conditioner that offers a coconut oil based water-wicking system to help reduce drying time too.

You can pick up Quick Dry Shake & Spray locally at Indulgence Salon for $25. It is a 6.78 oz. bottle and you may use it on dry hair with any hot tool to protect it from the heat. Stylist and clients are falling in love with this product and so should you!